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Pointillism Landscape

Kinder – 3rd grade

Students studied the Pointillism technique mastered by the artist Georges Seurat.
First, they practiced using cotton swabs to paint with dots.  They mixed primary colors to make secondary colors.
Next, they sketched a landscape and painted it using pointillism.

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat

3rd grade Student Artwork:

2nd grade Student Artwork:

1st grade Student Artwork:

Kindergarten Student Artwork:



Kindergarten – Fifth grade

For our school’s Lunar New Year celebration, all the students learned how to draw a simple dragon.  The 3rd – 5th graders put them on popsicle sticks to hold and wave around.  Kindergarten and 1st grade used warm or cool colors to turn their dragons into a fire or water dragon.  Second graders folded theirs into a fan, which you can see a video demonstration in another lesson I posted.

3rd – 5th grade:

First grade:


2nd grade

Students learned about mosaics and discovered the geometric and free form shapes found in them.  For this project, they cut up foam into tiny pieces and glue them onto cardboard to make a mosaic of a sun, moon, or star.  They drew their image with a pencil first.

PowerPoint Presentation: Mosaic

Student Artwork:



Simple Dragon Fan for Lunar New Year

This lesson was used for  2nd graders.

Students in the process of drawing their dragons:

Yarn Rainbow

Art Club

Kinder/1st grade

Squiggle Abstract

Art Club

1st and 2nd grade students

Geometric City

2nd grade

Students created a city using geometric shapes.  Using a ruler, they first filled the paper with horizontal and vertical lines in random places.  Then, they added more lines to turn the rectangles and squares into other geometric shapes to form buildings.  Last, it was colored with color pencils.  They were inspired by Castle and Sun by Paul Klee.

Castle and Sun by Paul Klee:

Student Artwork: