Statue of Liberty

4th & 5th grade

Students learned about various color schemes and looked at artwork by Peter Max – Statue of Liberty.  We discussed the history and meaning of the Statue of Liberty and what it means to be free.  Students chose a color scheme to paint the background of their artwork.  They used black paint to add the Statue of Liberty’s face to the foreground.


Eye of Color

5th grade

Students used various sketching pencils to sketch and shade an eye showing value and contrast.  Next, they used watercolors to paint the color inside of the eye.


Kinder & 1st grade

Students used soft pastels to create hearts for Valentine’s Day.

Geometric Shapes – Foam Cutouts

1st Grade

Students identified and cut out geometrics from foam sheets to create a picture.

Pointillism Landscape

Kinder – 3rd grade

Students studied the Pointillism technique mastered by the artist Georges Seurat.
First, they practiced using cotton swabs to paint with dots.  They mixed primary colors to make secondary colors.
Next, they sketched a landscape and painted it using pointillism.

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat

3rd grade Student Artwork:

2nd grade Student Artwork:

1st grade Student Artwork:

Kindergarten Student Artwork:

Tree branches with Finger Print Leaves

Kinder & 1st grade

Students learned to draw trees with branches then colored their trees with markers.  Next, they added leaves by using green paint and their fingers.

Spouting Whale

Kinder & 1st grade

Students created a tint of blue or green.  They made three shades on separate canvas pads.  Last, they illustrated a spouting whale to unify the three canvas pads.